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RT @funder: 99 days in 99 seconds-this is the most terrifying montage ever put together #resist @StephenAtHome @colbertlateshow https://t.? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:36:14 +0000 2017

Mon May 01 01:30:53 +0000 2017

RT @ASlavitt: This is what President Trump is supporting as our new health care system. - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:30:32 +0000 2017

RT @Rosie: for gods sake its about time - how hard can it be to get his taxes ? really ... - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:29:45 +0000 2017

RT @saygnitegracie3: NY lawmakers hatch plan to release Trump's state taxes - ABC News - @louisemensch @bendySarahM? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:29:28 +0000 2017

RT @WarMachine_2017: Coal Is Coal, nothing clean about it. #SupportCleanEnergy Stop 45 from destroying America. Solar, Wind technologies? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:29:16 +0000 2017

RT @ACLU: Trump says the Constitution prevented him from moving forward with his agenda. We don't disagree. - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:29:04 +0000 2017

RT @lfkraus: @WarMachine_2017 @1IronMan2017 @2HawkEye2017 @blackwidows2017 @ItHasBegun2016 @AgentCarter_SSR @77CaptainMarvel @LtUhura2017 @? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:21:24 +0000 2017

RT @Fahrenthold: How some on the right fell in love with Russia: A Russian sales pitch built on Christianity, gun rights, and common politi? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:20:06 +0000 2017

RT @th3j35t3r: Trump vs Constitution: "It's a very rough system. It's an archaic system...It's really a bad thing for the country." https:/? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:15:33 +0000 2017

RT @th3j35t3r: Meanwhile, he wants to 'change the libel laws to make it easier to sue the media' Great. Can u say class action suit of 300? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:15:25 +0000 2017

Contact Your Reps Tomorrow Be Part Of A Tsunami Wave of Calls to Your MoC's Local and National Office. @make5calls? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:15:06 +0000 2017

RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Huge Story!! Idaho, other states upset that feds may have tried to hack election websites. - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:12:40 +0000 2017

RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Huge! Indiana joins Idaho in claiming DHS tried to hack their election systems. - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:12:19 +0000 2017

RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Let's not forget that Ryan was the one that Told Nunes to bring Intel to Trump around the IC Committee. He is? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:11:43 +0000 2017

RT @Khanoisseur: Trump threatened to attack press freedom during his campaign?press has called his bs out for decades?don't dismiss his thr? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:09:16 +0000 2017

RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Huge story!! 9 States asked Homeland Security for help following Attacks On State Election Networks! https://? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:08:53 +0000 2017

RT @olgaNYC1211: Join Us in a Nationwide #MarchforTruth on June 3rd to Demand a Special Independent Prosecutor in #Trumprussia !! Let's Do? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:08:17 +0000 2017

RT @funder: If we can?t trust Kushner to be transparent by filling out a simple form how can we trust him to secure our country at the high? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:07:49 +0000 2017

RT @azalben: On the final day of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, a list of women @realDonaldTrump has assaulted: https://t.? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:07:28 +0000 2017

RT @IMPL0RABLE: #TheResistance Trump is a man that would change the very Constitution, if allowed. Don't allow it. - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:07:14 +0000 2017

RT @whiplash2018: Young #LGBTQIA #LGBT need more mentors to come out on their own so that they have role models to look up to instead of st? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 01:02:32 +0000 2017

RT @1IronMan2017: #TheResistance Huge win!!! ????? #gorka #gone - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:40:20 +0000 2017

RT @cj_disabledVet: GOP logic - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:40:01 +0000 2017

RT @Amy_Siskind: Stop cozying up to him media! He's an authoritarian and his goal is not to lead a democracy, it's to silence you and take? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:39:45 +0000 2017

RT @SheWhoVotes: What he means is repealing a critical portion of First Amendment protections. If this happens?we will be living under full? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:38:33 +0000 2017

RT @morethanmySLE: Tomorrow begins #LupusAwarenessMonth. Thank you to my #Lupus Twitter family for your ?? & support. You give me strength? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:38:19 +0000 2017

RT @Amy_Siskind: It's going to take the Republican Party decades to wipe away the stench of Trump. - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:37:24 +0000 2017

RT @Impeach_D_Trump: Coming to a Prison Near You... December 2017 - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:36:54 +0000 2017

RT @CharlesMBlow: So Trump has invited the man who called President Obama a "son of a whore" and our ambassador a "gay son of a whore" to t? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:36:23 +0000 2017

RT @mama2fluffs: Exactamundo. Wouldn't hurt my feelings if Ryan went first. 1st leg of the 3 legged stool of him, twitchy Mitchy and Dumb? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:36:10 +0000 2017

RT @TheRickWilson: Same - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:35:56 +0000 2017

RT @tedlieu: Frightened? Support HR 669 by @SenMarkey & me. Bipartisan bill restricts @POTUS from launching nuclear 1st strike w/o Congress? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:35:46 +0000 2017

RT @sodgrip: I'm not the richest man in the world, but I can make phone calls and knock on doors. No one can wear me out. Let's get Democra? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:35:35 +0000 2017

RT @casanova_kara: @Sugar__Lumps @diliz864 @TrueFactsStated The true nutjobs are a small %, the popo will deal w them. Calm down & stop bui? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:35:16 +0000 2017

This is something I've thought as well. - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:15:29 +0000 2017

#TrumpRussia My eyes are in this too. - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:13:31 +0000 2017

RT @TeaPainUSA: 3 independent sources verifin' this story. @TrueFactsStated @counterchekist and @TheRickWilson. Look out Donald! https://t? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:11:41 +0000 2017

RT @counterchekist: Bipartisanship exists. @TheRickWilson & I are GOP. @TrueFactsStated is a Democrat. I'm proud to stand with both. https:? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:11:34 +0000 2017

RT @TrueFactsStated: A trusted source within IC just told me "references to Grand Juries are coming hard and fast". I still have no defin? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:11:13 +0000 2017

Contact Your Reps to #SaveACA #SinglePayer - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:11:02 +0000 2017

RT @funder: #TrumpLeaks Doc: Sebastian Gorka was investigated by Hungarian Parliament for being a spy & was denied security clearance-2002? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:10:06 +0000 2017

RT @funder: Seems like the White House has more then a vetting problem on their hands... #trumprussia #amjoy #russiagate #resist #theresis? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:09:55 +0000 2017

RT @TrueFactsStated: 1) Two grand juries-two cases. One is a RICO case. The other is a FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) case. - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:05:47 +0000 2017

RT @10thCrusader: @1DareDevil2017 @1IronMan2017 @ItHasBegun2016 @2HawkEye2017 @Wolv_2017 @lfkraus @Batgirl_resists @blackwidows2017 @77Capt? - lfkraus
Mon May 01 00:02:24 +0000 2017

RT @ananavarro: Final Tally: Trump said 488 lies or misleading statements in 100 Days. This. Is. Not. Normal. - lfkraus
Sun Apr 30 23:50:47 +0000 2017

RT @kylegriffin1: Q: Is POTUS considering a constitutional amendment to change press laws? PRIEBUS: "I think it's something that we've loo? - lfkraus
Sun Apr 30 23:41:33 +0000 2017

RT @amjoyshow: .@SARAHKENDZIOR: On Mike Pence... America is not used to a calm liar #AMJoy - lfkraus
Sun Apr 30 23:40:58 +0000 2017

@BizerBizer @PattyKobler @POTUS @realDonaldTrump It may be in Eastern Europe... but I'm not sure... - lfkraus
Sun Apr 30 23:31:07 +0000 2017

RT @StopTrump2020: Trump says his life was better BEFORE he became president. I understand how he feels. My life was better also before h? - lfkraus
Sun Apr 30 23:29:38 +0000 2017