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RT @siblings2gether: Have you time to offer? TRUSTEES wanted with skills to bring to a small ambitious charity 're-uniting brothers & sist? - folkycat
Wed Jun 21 14:52:32 +0000 2017

@livi27 @TheEFDSS @nichols31290 Let me know when you're ready to set up the Oxford branch ;) - folkycat
Wed Jun 21 14:50:31 +0000 2017

RT @TheEFDSS: We're looking for a freelance folk music educator to lead the London Youth Folk Ensemble! Apply now: - folkycat
Wed Jun 21 14:50:06 +0000 2017

RT @HomeStart_Ox: On #NationalWritingDay encourage your pre-schoolers with mark-making. On a cooler day, try water painting on concrete! ht? - folkycat
Wed Jun 21 14:47:59 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: Get ready for #summer #festival season with some of our gorgeous festi-must-haves. - folkycat
Wed Jun 21 14:46:54 +0000 2017

RT @darts_ThePoint: Today at The Point: Singing for Memory, for people at early to moderate stages of #dementia & carers: - folkycat
Mon Jun 19 13:15:21 +0000 2017

RT @gradeoneathon: The clock is ticking #Oxford #musicians #signup for #TheNoteRace @MNetOxfordshire @TeddiesOxfor? - folkycat
Mon Jun 19 13:15:10 +0000 2017

RT @kerrfagan: what a glorious morning to drive to Oxfordshire - if you're near there, come and sing with us @NettlebedFolk tonight! - folkycat
Mon Jun 19 13:14:01 +0000 2017

RT @_JonFletcher_: Why not put music at the heart of education | Stephen Moss - folkycat
Mon Jun 19 13:13:53 +0000 2017

RT @FabianandHenry: We're searching for the kindest violinist in Berlin. Is that you..? Get in touch... #violinist #musician #berlin #viola? - folkycat
Mon Jun 19 13:12:04 +0000 2017

RT @gradeoneathon: Want to get connected with the local #music scene and do yr bit for #charity? #Oxford #Cambridge #TheNoteRace @ISM_music? - folkycat
Mon Jun 19 13:11:35 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: Angling to play at Folk Weekend 2018? We've got the first of our current season of Searchlight events coming up... https:/? - folkycat
Mon Jun 19 13:11:30 +0000 2017

@gradeoneathon @homestartuk Yes, I got special permission to start early ;) I have a son with SEN so can't get much practice in the holidays - folkycat
Thu May 18 13:02:44 +0000 2017

RT @gradeoneathon: Sign up to @MusicOxon @CambsMusic @ESTAStrings @musicatbrookes @OxfordHighMusic @alextestermusic? - folkycat
Wed May 17 13:38:11 +0000 2017

RT @OllieKing: Hugely proud to announce that Diffractions has been chosen by @SonglinesMag as one of their Top of the World albums for this? - folkycat
Wed May 17 13:38:05 +0000 2017

RT @squeezyjohn: SPOILER ALERT: There?s some anglo-concertina action in the next series of Holby City ? but the actor is miming and I?m hid? - folkycat
Wed May 17 13:37:41 +0000 2017

You can follow my progress for the @gradeoneathon here: and sponsor me here: - folkycat
Wed May 17 13:36:06 +0000 2017

RT @squeezyjohn: Eynsham. A local councillor is supposed to represent your community. Do you think this represents you? - folkycat
Wed May 03 19:07:27 +0000 2017

RT @squeezyjohn: You're better than that Eynsham ... Just look how well you were represented in Oxford on May morning ... Don't vote for Ch? - folkycat
Wed May 03 19:07:09 +0000 2017

@gradeoneathon Thanks :) I'm excited! - folkycat
Sat Apr 29 15:58:22 +0000 2017

@gradeoneathon I will literally be screamed at if I try and practice while my son is in the house ;) - folkycat
Sat Apr 29 15:53:34 +0000 2017

@gradeoneathon Ok :) I won't have any other lessons it's just if I waited til the start date I'd only have about 3 weeks to practice! - folkycat
Sat Apr 29 15:52:49 +0000 2017

@gradeoneathon Am I allowed to start practicing now? I'm unlikely to be able to in school hols as my SEN son is sensitive to loud noise!! - folkycat
Sat Apr 29 15:00:09 +0000 2017

@erisarac @gradeoneathon @FolkWeekend We could get everyone to record themselves playing it and mash it up together in one big YouTube video - folkycat
Sat Apr 29 08:33:00 +0000 2017

@erisarac @gradeoneathon Maybe we should do a folk version as a fundraiser for @FolkWeekend - all learn the same tune on a new instrument! - folkycat
Sat Apr 29 08:30:55 +0000 2017

@erisarac @gradeoneathon Yay! :) - folkycat
Sat Apr 29 08:28:09 +0000 2017

@gradeoneathon First choice tenor horn. I have one, had a go on it about ten years ago. Could never get my head around brass!! - folkycat
Sat Apr 29 08:07:07 +0000 2017

I've just signed up for @gradeoneathon to help raise money for vulnerable children. Slightly panicking now..!! - folkycat
Fri Apr 28 22:20:28 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: While you're still basking in the glow of your post-festival haze I shall just leave this here... - folkycat
Tue Apr 25 21:28:10 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: Love this!! ?? - folkycat
Tue Apr 25 21:27:54 +0000 2017

Really enjoyed singing my brand new Spring Carol 'Turn of the Dance' at @FolkWeekend on Sat - thanks everyone! What? - folkycat
Tue Apr 25 10:35:50 +0000 2017

RT @jenwrensem: Infinity proud of @FolkWeekend and honoured to be involved. Thank you all who came, danced, sessioned, played and worked. Y? - folkycat
Mon Apr 24 07:03:49 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: We're keeping 2017 T shirts in the shop for a few weeks longer so you've still got a chance to grab a souvenir :) https://? - folkycat
Mon Apr 24 07:03:45 +0000 2017

RT @folkphenomena: What's been happening? @folkycat, director+ performer in Iris band goes some way+then some to bring diversity to folk #F? - folkycat
Sun Apr 23 11:05:58 +0000 2017

RT @HighDryPirate: Great Saturday @FolkWeekend thanks to @folkycat & team and #stewards! #Oxford #livemusic #ceilidh #balfolk #morrisdanci? - folkycat
Sun Apr 23 11:05:53 +0000 2017

Yay! That was amazing :) - folkycat
Sat Apr 22 09:21:18 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: Listen to the FW2017 preview on @BBCOxford with @jackieoates, @meganhenwood and The Skeptics and director @folkycat https:? - folkycat
Fri Apr 21 13:39:14 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: Last year @folkycat chatted with @ThatsTVOxon about Special Saturday and the importance of #inclusion and #access https://? - folkycat
Fri Apr 21 13:39:09 +0000 2017

RT @BBCOxford: Playing live @meganhenwood @jackieoates ahead of @FolkWeekend with @alexthedarklord VIDEO: https://t? - folkycat
Fri Apr 07 16:00:03 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: Listen to @alexthedarklord on @BBCOxford this afternoon for a FW special! @folkycat, @jackieoates, @meganhenwood and The S? - folkycat
Fri Apr 07 08:11:26 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: We've got a new shop! Folky T shirts and #FW2017 merch *only available online* at - folkycat
Wed Mar 29 19:12:41 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: First lot of videos have gone up from our #InclusiveFolk project; music really is for everyone :) - folkycat
Tue Mar 21 09:04:40 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: Lots of toys to play with today, at our artist prep day for #InclusiveFolk project! #folk ? https:? - folkycat
Mon Feb 27 15:02:12 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: Play time! #InclusiveFolk #SEN - folkycat
Mon Feb 27 15:02:02 +0000 2017

RT @FolkShire: Here is our interview with Cat Kelly, Festival Director of @FolkWeekend #Oxford where she tells us what we can expect to see? - folkycat
Mon Feb 27 08:25:32 +0000 2017

RT @FolkWeekend: Singers wanted! @folkycat has written a Spring carol for our opening ceremony and YOU are invited to sing it with us https? - folkycat
Sun Feb 12 21:22:53 +0000 2017

Dear @robertcourts - please listen to your constituents who voted to remain, and vote against #Article50 #Witney #WestOxfordshire - folkycat
Tue Jan 24 10:04:59 +0000 2017

RT @darts_ThePoint: Read about #wespeakmusic & work at 4 special schools using #makaton & music @DYZELLES @JanetWoodSinger - folkycat
Mon Jan 09 19:54:20 +0000 2017

RT @DYZELLES: Had a fab day today launching the new #music + #makaton project - 80 kids from 4 schools, all having fun! #wespeakmusic @dart? - folkycat
Mon Jan 09 19:53:51 +0000 2017

@darts_ThePoint @youthmusic Loved it! What a fab crowd :) @OllieKing @HaystackM - folkycat
Mon Jan 09 12:32:55 +0000 2017