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RT @UrbanAchievr: At a certain point you need to stop blaming indistinct "elites" for your own moral decay. - MischaMenuck
Fri May 26 00:20:14 +0000 2017

RT @iowahawkblog: It was a good run, civilization - MischaMenuck
Fri May 26 00:19:10 +0000 2017

@J_Scott_ either way NATO members obligated themselves. Insisting they follow through is not "hiking dues" - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 23:33:38 +0000 2017

@J_Scott_ it is a treaty that obliges all members to spend 2% of GDP on defence spending. - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 23:19:13 +0000 2017

RT @ByronYork: 4th Circuit opinion shows partisan divide. 10 on winning side: 6 Obama appointees, 4 Clinton. 3 losers: 2 GWBush, 1 GHWBush. - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 21:36:49 +0000 2017

RT @afneil: Telegraph reports that home of Salman Abedi was a working bomb factory with a huge stash of explosive chemicals and other compo? - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 20:50:01 +0000 2017

Number crunching for the past day - 4 new followers and 3 unfollowers. Stats via - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 19:43:13 +0000 2017

@JessMorganTO yes because that's how medicine works, especially in advanced high tech societies that have space travel and AI! - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 19:36:38 +0000 2017

RT @RitaPanahi: Go home, Washington Post, you're drunk. - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 18:15:54 +0000 2017

@JessMorganTO that....actually would have been amazing. Way better than dying of a broken heart or whatever the hell that was. - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 18:12:49 +0000 2017

Get very f*cking angry - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 18:10:43 +0000 2017

RT @TradTX: "I don't have time to make dinner from scratch" he replied as he heated up his soy frozen dinner before sitting down for 4 hour? - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 12:44:57 +0000 2017

RT @Robert_k__: If your great grandfather stole something from my great grandfather, you owe me absolutely nothing. I don't believe in "soc? - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 01:33:39 +0000 2017

RT @wrathofgnon: "They are attacking us for our freedoms", muttered the young man as he went through his friends' Facebook posts, searching? - MischaMenuck
Thu May 25 01:00:35 +0000 2017

RT @theroyalacorn: >women vs men >black vs white >gay vs straight >white vs jewish >etc. - MischaMenuck
Wed May 24 18:07:04 +0000 2017

RT @theroyalacorn: All anyone does now is paste different sub groups in place of "proletariat" and "bourgeoisie" in Marx's idiot vision of? - MischaMenuck
Wed May 24 18:07:02 +0000 2017

The kindling is there, all that is needed is a spark or a match and the whole rotten structure could be consumed - MischaMenuck
Wed May 24 14:34:41 +0000 2017

One By One The Lights Go Out Across Europe - MischaMenuck
Wed May 24 01:19:11 +0000 2017

It's always those who live in gated communities who are the strongest advocates for a borderless world. - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 23:11:17 +0000 2017

RT @ajplus: BREAKING: UK PM Theresa May has raised Britain's threat level from "severe" to "critical." Military will be present at public e? - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 23:03:28 +0000 2017

One by one by one, the lights are going out in Europe. Slow cometh the hour of its end, the passing speed so great. - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 23:02:55 +0000 2017

RT @DVATW: Wonder if Islamic State have given up now that poems are being deployed against them in Manchester? - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 23:02:11 +0000 2017

RT @stephenharper: We stand with our friends in the UK as they face tragedy in Manchester this evening. Canadians condemn this heinous act? - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 23:01:15 +0000 2017

RT @suburb_ex: Boomers make ritual weekly visits to upscale restaurants and cafes to uphold the illusion that their world isn't falling apa? - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 17:38:11 +0000 2017

RT @PrisonPlanet: The guy in the picture is Sikh, not Muslim. You can't even get your lame virtue signalling right. - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 17:37:31 +0000 2017

RT @FaithGoldy: Her name is Saffie Rose Roussos. She was 8 years old. The West is officially sacrificing our young on the altar of cultur? - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 17:11:01 +0000 2017

RT @MaximeBernier: I am appalled by the barbaric terrorist attack in Manchester targeting a concert full of young people. We must destroy j? - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 17:10:54 +0000 2017

RT @KatieWagnerFox: "All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal." ? Enoch Powell #ManchesterBombing - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 16:40:05 +0000 2017

RT @ScottMGreer: Westerners might be the first species on Earth to respond to the slaughter of their own children by carrying on like nothi? - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 16:24:37 +0000 2017

RT @TaraMcCarthy_14: The price that must be paid for multiculturalism is too high. - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 13:13:33 +0000 2017

One day, people will ask how so many remained silent and did nothing for so long in the face of such evil. - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 12:56:05 +0000 2017

There's the surprise of the century. - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 12:34:45 +0000 2017

RT @piersmorgan: Yes, do more. And do it now before another radicalised lunatic commits mass murder. - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 12:33:43 +0000 2017

Because when you have cancer the only way to respond is do nothing, am I right? - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 12:30:07 +0000 2017

RT @DavidBegnaud: CBS News confirms there were two explosions at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, Englad - the devices contained na? - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 00:20:21 +0000 2017

These were kids. Tweens. Slaughtered by some worthless waste of oxygen who should burn in Hell for all eternity #Manchester - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 00:14:05 +0000 2017

Fuck off and die - MischaMenuck
Tue May 23 00:00:37 +0000 2017

I'm not angry. I'm not horrified. I'm just numb. That scares the shit out of me #Manchester - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 23:51:01 +0000 2017

Well that makes everything okay I guess - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 23:47:46 +0000 2017

Enoch Powell was right #Manchester - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 23:43:55 +0000 2017

Oh God not again - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 23:40:53 +0000 2017

RT @ellencarmichael: What if women want to drop out of the workforce when they have kids? - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 20:51:34 +0000 2017

RT @truestirlitz: You preach "traditionalism" but when was the last time you talked to your neighbors? Do you even know their names? It st? - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 19:51:24 +0000 2017

Forget unfollowers, I believe in growing. 4 new followers in the last day! Stats via - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 19:43:13 +0000 2017

@TzviZucker what is narcissism but another form of selfishness? - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 18:44:49 +0000 2017

10) And when eventually you die, you'll die knowing you've done the one thing that only you could have done, created an entire new life. - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 17:29:54 +0000 2017

9) And when you're old, and sick, and dying in your bed without having become rich or famous, at least they'll be someone to come visit you. - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 17:28:47 +0000 2017

8) Sure, they'll take time and money, and distract you from striving for that corner office, but you probably won't get it anyway. - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 17:28:03 +0000 2017

7) So if you accept that, why not just take the time to have children? It's likely the only legacy you will ever leave. - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 17:25:39 +0000 2017

6) Most of us will make no mark on this world, achieve nothing note worthy, never be part of the elite, build a fortune, or be famous. - MischaMenuck
Mon May 22 17:24:54 +0000 2017