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RT @Ageing_Better: The lecture concludes with @Geoff_Filkin praising the work of many local areas & the importance of engaging, empowering? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:27:03 +0000 2017

RT @globalnetworkdr: Call 4 govts 2 provide supportive environment 2 facilitate engagement with #local communities & actors @unisdr #MEXICO? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:26:04 +0000 2017

telegraph: 'Co-op, Boots and Barclays among first firms to introduce "silver quota"' - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:26:04 +0000 2017

RT @BAVO_CVC: Funding stream to open to small local groups 5K - 25K per annum up to 2 years! Book for fund briefing THIS FRIDAY! https://? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:25:02 +0000 2017

RT @xtraclimited: Another great event at Newbury College supported by Xtrac and other local High Performance Engineering companies. https:/? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:24:02 +0000 2017

RT @EdwardKendal: Evening walk in two hours anyone wants a photograph of some place or object in Nottingham let me know before 8 pm - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:23:02 +0000 2017

RT @nettiewettie: Work with the community foundation network to reach local communities & stop using community investment as PR activity. P? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:22:04 +0000 2017

RT @B31Voices: Register NOW to be @SainsburysNews Northfield Local Charity of the Year, Nominations close 28th May Read Here: - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:21:02 +0000 2017

RT @EventOwlUK: Great to see local markets reappearing. We have loads of NW traders guys looking for stands to book, give us a call sometim? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:20:03 +0000 2017

RT @18daysworld: @RosemaryPorkBel @Jessisawanderer Brilliant answer. Most of the voices in my local market here in @VisitSomerset are forei? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:19:03 +0000 2017

RT @marj_cat: My win at the World Congress of Public Health in Melbourne last week is in my local paper @EveningExpress #wcphmedia https://? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:18:03 +0000 2017

RT @rjw1: @riklomas @mstevens @binaryberry tbh i normally go to a local pub and drink too much on an empty stomach :) - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:17:03 +0000 2017

RT @bartmahn: @MarianaMarinovi @JaydaBF This true, funny how they have failed to mention how the local communities pulled together last nig? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:16:03 +0000 2017

RT @CEDAUK: @CEDAUK @CHREQUIPMENTLTD supporting great project to feed local communities #sustainably @realjunkfoodmcr - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:15:03 +0000 2017

RT @EasyLettingsTel: Should you still carry out an inspection even if your property is unfurnished? Check out our blog post - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:14:02 +0000 2017

RT @JadeyyJones: NPT Xmas Dinner for the community. Thank u for all the donations & local schools 4the entertainment #xmas #community http:? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:13:02 +0000 2017

RT @MonsterEnergyUK: Who's looking to #UnleashTheBeast with us ??? Click follow @MonsterEnergyUK & join us for our local events & sampling? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:12:03 +0000 2017

RT @VerzonHouse: Drinks with a view? Order Chase cocktails, wines or local beer and receive our Verzon Bar sharing platter for two. https:/? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:11:05 +0000 2017

telegraph: 'Co-op, Boots and Barclays among first firms to introduce "silver quota"' - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:11:04 +0000 2017

RT @gsp30: @SimonDGould @CarolynRadford Don't worry your pretty little head about it. He's a local lad and is quite aware of the size of th? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:10:03 +0000 2017

RT @lucymcrobb: Abigail, 6, smashes fundraising target for cancer charity that helped her grandad? via @eveningexpr? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:09:02 +0000 2017

RT @JaneMage: Our charity piggy bank is nearly full. It's being donated to our local hospice next week. - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:08:02 +0000 2017

RT @MindCharity: Your local Mind shop needs your unwanted items! See where to donate near you> - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:07:03 +0000 2017

RT @Steedore: Seems as with Westminster, judging by pictures on @SkyNews the local muslim community notable by its almost complete absence? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:06:03 +0000 2017

RT @maisiejayney: @_tomwalters9 @amyvanderwal Don't take it personally just nice to see how many local people were offering aid and shelter? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:05:05 +0000 2017

RT @AngelBicester: Visit us this weekend at our bottle shop, which sells lots of different #craftales from #local breweries - - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:04:06 +0000 2017

RT @CoopParty: Message from @Coopuk CEO @Steve_Murrells about how the Co-op is supporting the local community in #Manchester today: https:/? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:03:02 +0000 2017

RT @FinolaBrady: Off to @RotheraSharp local-food-tasting event @thekilpin with @parryl1 - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:02:03 +0000 2017

RT @louieclegg: May Half Term Fun in Lichfield - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:01:02 +0000 2017

RT @StKathsPE: Well done to the 30 boys & girls in cricketing action for SK tonight. Plus big thank you to local clubs @LodwayCC and @Eigcc? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 17:00:02 +0000 2017

RT @matt_leach: A quick 15m chat about communities, empowerment and Big Local I had with @NewStartMag last week - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:59:03 +0000 2017

RT @reachfeltham: Two requests: help raise money for the farm by voting for us at local Tesco's - get a token every time you shop!... https? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:58:03 +0000 2017

RT @Gugzy1: All the racists are out in full force when it's the local Muslim community helping out as well as the emergency... - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:57:02 +0000 2017

RT @SpringsShopping: Find all the latest local news and weather updates on our website Community page: - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:56:03 +0000 2017

RT @WansteadMakers: See you on 3rd June for Wanstead Makers Market! #wanstead #local #handmade - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:55:03 +0000 2017

RT @wembleystadium: @spotifyluek Metropolitan Police and the local authorities there will be an enhanced security operation for all upcomin? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:54:02 +0000 2017

RT @SpireFM: NEWS: #Hampshire Police reviewing planned events like festivals and concerts following terror attack in #Manchester: https://t? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:53:02 +0000 2017

RT @LyonRisk: #TravelRisk #Philippines - President declares Martial Law in #Mindanao region. - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:52:02 +0000 2017

RT @emiliarkes: If anyone has a Sabrina Carpenter user I'll sell you my soul for it please - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:51:03 +0000 2017

RT @JamesHinnigan: @George86Martin @Kassam_1 @piersmorgan It seems the security services knew all about him so what could local people have? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:50:04 +0000 2017

RT @MedwayTC: Great visit to Thinking Fitness -brand new Chatham gym- now on Time Credits network! Local business investing in community #l? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:49:03 +0000 2017

RT @scallywagz82: #Scallywagz #Daventry shop local. - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:48:03 +0000 2017

RT @phpsouthcoast: If you're into board/card games, don't forget local game shop @Fistful_Of_Dice will have a host of games to purchase at? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:47:03 +0000 2017

RT @Burleys_Gifts: It's the most perfect of days to live, shop, local! Love #Southwell ? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:46:04 +0000 2017

RT @budbrandonwyatt: @GordonRamsay what do you think of my local pubs chip shop night? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:45:03 +0000 2017

RT @MikeWildMacc: Info we've collected so far about the additional support from local charities & community orgs now added here: https://t.? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:44:02 +0000 2017

RT @millionplusCEO: 'The way to west is blocked, local labour markets competitive but HE still changes lives in spite of lack of employment? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:43:02 +0000 2017

RT @SouthStaffsCVA: We work very closely with local work clubs offering advice on volunteering and employability ht? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:42:02 +0000 2017

RT @tyblorsion: I can understand community members in local districts with extremism or integration problems doing their thing, but the pub? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:41:05 +0000 2017

RT @LilMissLunatic: Remember folks, Mohammed in your local shop had nothing to do with last nights attack. Neither did old Mrs Abdallah dow? - JiveLocal
Tue May 23 16:40:02 +0000 2017