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Not everyone. Some of us called it from go: MT: "Everyone misjudged how pissed working clas? - AndreaTantaros
Sun Nov 13 00:59:08 +0000 2016

RT @AbigailPesta: "I knew I couldn't stay silent." My interview with @AndreaTantaros on sexual harassment and Fox News: - AndreaTantaros
Fri Nov 11 13:19:18 +0000 2016

There was immense pressure brought to not publish my story. Thank you @Cosmopolitan & the award-winning? - AndreaTantaros
Fri Nov 11 01:22:40 +0000 2016

RT @JessePesta: The latest from @AbigailPesta? she speaks w/ @AndreaTantaros after her Fox harassment claims. For now it?s print only, in C? - AndreaTantaros
Sun Nov 06 13:45:44 +0000 2016

RT @AbigailPesta: "The only way to kill sexism is to fight it." My interview with @AndreaTantaros, now in @Cosmopolitan. @JoannaColes https? - AndreaTantaros
Sat Nov 05 14:55:59 +0000 2016

RT @SherylNYT: Every woman I know who has worked in or around politics -- me included -- has a #NotOkay story. Here are some more. https://? - AndreaTantaros
Wed Nov 02 21:53:25 +0000 2016

RT @thedailybeast: Andrea Tantaros wants Roger Ailes to testify in court: - AndreaTantaros
Tue Nov 01 01:18:34 +0000 2016

RT @TheLloydGrove: Andrea Tantaros: Roger Ailes Targeted ?Wounded Birds? for Sexual Harassment - The Daily Beast - AndreaTantaros
Mon Oct 31 16:53:31 +0000 2016

"Whistle-blowers generally pay a heavy price. Like any powerful cartel, corporate cronyism wields fear to keep its? - AndreaTantaros
Fri Oct 28 02:20:57 +0000 2016

Bravo @GretchenCarlson for fighting forced arbitration, a maneuver used by employers to shroud cases of harassment? - AndreaTantaros
Mon Oct 24 23:55:09 +0000 2016

.@ELLEmagazine: "What's that her [Tantaros] harassment claims predated the network's concerns about her? - AndreaTantaros
Fri Oct 21 18:22:05 +0000 2016

From November's @esquire magazine: "What's that her [Tantaros] harassment claims predated the network's? - AndreaTantaros
Tue Oct 18 13:19:05 +0000 2016

RT @TomKludt: At Fox News, Donald Trump allegations bring echoes of Ailes scandal - AndreaTantaros
Sun Oct 16 01:53:28 +0000 2016

RT @davidfolkenflik: Despite Ailes' departure, the Murdochs seek continuity at Fox. But Tantaros' suit threatens new president. My story: h? - AndreaTantaros
Wed Oct 12 01:03:13 +0000 2016

RT @bizwomen: Why @AndreaTantaros is on a mission to change the culture of Fox News. - AndreaTantaros
Tue Oct 11 13:30:29 +0000 2016

Thanks to @ABC & @GMA for the invitation to share the truth of my battle for workplace respect and equality for all. - AndreaTantaros
Wed Oct 05 00:47:45 +0000 2016

UNFORGIVABLE to families of those lost capturing these terrorists & our SOF now in harm's way bc of their release - AndreaTantaros
Tue Aug 16 19:59:36 +0000 2016

According to Obama's own ultra-liberal Gitmo Review Board these terrorists were deemed too dangerous to transfer. - AndreaTantaros
Tue Aug 16 19:54:39 +0000 2016

UNJUSTIFIABLE. These are the worst of the worst: Pentagon releases 15 more Gitmo detainees - AndreaTantaros
Tue Aug 16 19:45:26 +0000 2016

Obama takes ISIS threat to US so 'seriously' his Admin still can't find Orlando shooter Omar Mateen's wife & media hasn't bothered to ask. - AndreaTantaros
Thu Aug 04 22:16:37 +0000 2016

If Obama logic alleges GOP 'rhetoric' exacerbates the Sunni ISIS threat, I wonder what Obama secretly funneling Shia Iran $400m does. - AndreaTantaros
Thu Aug 04 21:56:49 +0000 2016

Obama today said the threat ISIS poses to the US is serious. So serious, his Admin had intelligence reports scrubbed of any mention of them. - AndreaTantaros
Thu Aug 04 21:39:37 +0000 2016

Obama March 26, 2016: "They [ISIS] are not an existential threat to the US." Obama today on threat ISIS poses to the US: "It's serious." - AndreaTantaros
Thu Aug 04 21:35:38 +0000 2016

Except that Democrats rigged their entire primary (and FBI investigation) to ensure a Hillary win against Sanders. - AndreaTantaros
Thu Aug 04 21:27:59 +0000 2016

When Obama said he would lead from behind, I didn't think it meant following Tehran. - AndreaTantaros
Wed Aug 03 02:08:53 +0000 2016

Turkey's Islamist authoritarian leader is bullying Obama into favorable policies using our nukes. US media yawns. - AndreaTantaros
Wed Aug 03 01:39:52 +0000 2016

This is only happening bc Congress demanded it. Obama's IRS will 'investigate' and say they found nothing. - AndreaTantaros
Sun Jul 31 15:36:04 +0000 2016

FBI Dir Comey still must explain to Congress why Hillary wasn't sworn under oath like every other subject of a high-profile investigation. - AndreaTantaros
Sun Jul 31 15:31:57 +0000 2016

It would be a much bigger moment for women if the 1st female nominee didn't need to fake a marriage with a serial cheater to get here. - AndreaTantaros
Fri Jul 29 03:29:51 +0000 2016

Hillary doesn't represent all women. She's only ever fought for elevating and advancing the interests and pursuits of one woman: herself. - AndreaTantaros
Fri Jul 29 03:07:10 +0000 2016

I'd love to be more excited about a woman accepting a nomination for President. It is a huge deal for women. I just wish it weren't her. - AndreaTantaros
Fri Jul 29 02:47:50 +0000 2016

Watching could anyone ever think or question whether or not Hillary would be indicted by the same party throwing this convention. - AndreaTantaros
Fri Jul 29 02:32:35 +0000 2016

Hillary is very lucky to have Chelsea. Nobody has ever done a better job than she just did trying to convince us that Hillary has a soul. - AndreaTantaros
Fri Jul 29 02:17:58 +0000 2016

Whoever thought it was a good idea for Obama to lecture about self-appointed saviors also saw no irony in this one: - AndreaTantaros
Thu Jul 28 04:13:20 +0000 2016

Obama's speech was well written & delivered, but entirely out of touch with the last 8 years and where we are as a nation. - AndreaTantaros
Thu Jul 28 04:06:36 +0000 2016

Days after having their party's entire nominating process exposed as a rigged game, how can Obama lecture anyone about democracy? - AndreaTantaros
Thu Jul 28 03:59:37 +0000 2016

Dems have spent past 2 yrs trying to convince us Hillary is too confused to work email & now she's the most intelligent candidate ever? - AndreaTantaros
Thu Jul 28 03:39:37 +0000 2016

There has never been a woman more qualified to be President than the woman who can't name a single accomplishment of hers to Wolf Blitzer. - AndreaTantaros
Thu Jul 28 03:14:49 +0000 2016

Michelle Obama on Hillary: "She's never quit on anything in her life." I would beg to differ. - AndreaTantaros
Tue Jul 26 03:44:59 +0000 2016

Darn-missed my cameo. Was watching a (slightly) less fake contest where the outcome isn't as rigged #TheBachelorette - AndreaTantaros
Tue Jul 26 02:39:37 +0000 2016

The irony is that they call themselves DEMOCRATS - AndreaTantaros
Mon Jul 25 00:54:21 +0000 2016

That pretty much sums it up. cc: Gen. David Petraeus - AndreaTantaros
Mon Jul 25 00:43:22 +0000 2016

Hillary has email scandal, she gets nominated. Wasserman Schultz has email scandal, she gets fired. Democrats are making women look bad. - AndreaTantaros
Sun Jul 24 23:45:59 +0000 2016

So THIS is where Democrats draw the line on email scandals? - AndreaTantaros
Sun Jul 24 23:33:54 +0000 2016

How perfect. Hillary Clinton will be giving us a look inside the mind of a political bully & modern day mean girl. - AndreaTantaros
Sun Jul 24 23:25:13 +0000 2016

Funny, the same excuse Hillary gives us for all her 'mistakes' is same quality the left heaped on Sarah Palin: gross & serial incompetence. - AndreaTantaros
Sun Jul 24 12:42:51 +0000 2016

After hysteria over a Jewish star tweet, not sure what's worse: fact that the DNC is filled w bigots or hypocrites. - AndreaTantaros
Sun Jul 24 12:36:10 +0000 2016

What a revelation: the DNC is chalk full of intolerant, hypocritical bigots. - AndreaTantaros
Sun Jul 24 12:21:23 +0000 2016

Now that the global scandal of Melania ripping off 23 words has passed, can we get back to how Obama lied to Congress about the Iran deal? - AndreaTantaros
Thu Jul 21 14:15:25 +0000 2016

President Obama thinks that his legacy is all our fault. - AndreaTantaros
Mon Jul 18 15:24:16 +0000 2016